Thursday, July 19, 2007

2 lame 2 b so long. sry.

So, I broke it off with that sobriety thing I was on. Although I've taken to shirley temples when out, I did get drrrrrrrunbk on monday night. And only good things came out of it, so I'll be drinking again soon. for sure. like for sure for sure.

I wanted to see some djs I read about in the paper Monday night, so I recruited Emily as my date with the night. She has not only made me dinner 3 times and drives me all over the place, but the night before I smoked all her weed and ate her pot cookies, so it was only fair for me to take her out. On our first beer, I recognized a guy at the bar who seemed to be in charge at the Certified Bananas show the previous Friday. Emily said, "We'll be talking to him tonight." So, while I was buying round 2, she stopped him to chat. When I came over he said he remembered me from the friday before and complimented me on my dancing. Em and I are in agreement that it is a compliment of the highest order. End result: He invites us to future dance parties and gives us his contact info. This is followed by more beer.

Then, we meet an Irish guy. Giggle, swoon. Fight about Michael Moore and Pitchfork. I buy us all another beer. Bar closes and we go to Store24. End result: I get his number.

So, we have a great night. We get Sunchips and vitamin water and drive home (yikes). But the non-sober driving is not even the WFI. Talking about the boys we met brought us back to Old Guy. Emma pumped me up into calling him. At 3am. Drunk.

WFI? I left a message. It went a little like this:

Hey it's me. Meghan. I know you shut your phone off at night. And you're probably sleeping. And maybe even if you weren't and your phone was on and you were up or even if you woke up I don't think you'd even answer. But I'm calling cause I was talking about you with Em and I miss you and I don't think I was very nice to you the last time I saw you and I'm sorry. I want to apologize for that. And you can call me back. I am not working tomorrow. And if you don't call me back, I'll call you again anyway. So, just make it easier and call me. But I'll call you anyway if you can't or forget or something. So call me only if you want to. Okbye.


But he called back. And left a good message I returned the call and he was sweet. And we have kindof plans tomorrow morning. Before he moves away forever.

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