Friday, August 31, 2007

WFIs of the week:

1. Signing up for facebook- Adding applications and poking people makes me feel as though I wasn't truly wasting enough of my life before. Who knew I had so much potential?

2. Working at a job where people can easily begin menstruating on your workspace- This is something they do not tell you about in esthetic school.

3. Spending $100 a day- Making $100 a day in cash has its ups and downs. The up part is when I get it and the down part is when I spend it. Did I even buy anything? I don't even know.

4. Slightly using your neighbor for his Wii/being attracted to beards- I think he has a crush on me and Roommate Mary thinks he has a crush on her. I don't even care because he has an unusual lisp and he only looks good when he has a beard. There are pros, however, to seeing a guy who lives upstairs. There are also cons. Lots of cons. But those pros!

That's it for Friday. Week's not over yet.
P.S. Let's start a collection of comics that don't make sense.

Monday, August 27, 2007

tomorrow, maybe, i'll change my life, unless i'm too tired, in which case i wont.

gemath y: I am going to join weight watchers tomorrow
gemath y: if I wake up in time
gemath y: if I don't wake up in time, I'll go buy the rilo kiley cd
whiitethrash: can i WFI that?
gemath y: No.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

sending this would either be the best fucking idea, or the worst fucking idea....

i received an award in 2006 - well, a grant really - to do a project for Hillel at my university. Long story short, they stiffed me, sent me nasty letters asking for a return of the half of the money they had given me at the beginning, and have been a general nuisance ever since. I keep trying to get my dues from them but they keep coming up with nonsense. so basically, after a bunch of letter writing and them attacking my character, calling me a "failure", saying my project was incomplete and even yelling at me and my mom on the phone, lying, being hypocritical and avoiding their responsibilities i have had enough. this is my final letter to the head of the committee. other players include the rabbi, who basically co-heads the committee but wont admit it because then he has to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, and maureen, a secretary of sorts.

all the other letters i had written them were very direct, polite and appropriate. but that's no fun, is it??!!

Well David,

Yo it's like this, I really enjoyed your brief history of the success of the Frazer award. It looks like so much fun that I am even considering trying for it again next year - - wouldn't that just be aces! Are food and beverage provided at the awards? I sure hope so, I love cheese and crackers.

Enough about lactose (does it give you gas? it gives my brother gas), my mother showed me the letter you sent to her regarding both the previous letter she sent to you and Rabbi Lee and my "failed committments", and I cannot thank you enough! I haven't laughed so hard since Gallagher's Sledge-O-Matic special in 1998!! Who knew lies, bullshit, and outright make believe could be so funny!! You did, David! You did! I especially loved the part about "knowing the facts" and your creative usage of the word "spite" in place of the word "despite". Or was that by accident? Humm... I bet you make a fabulous lawyer!

These incidents you speak of, with wild and great imagination, are the things children's books are made of! Which is both ironic and convenient considering I hope to be an illustrator of children's books in the future - so if you ever feel like fully developing these "fantasy worlds" into a completed story and you need an illustrator - you know where to find me (wink!)! But remember, I have very little (if any) understanding of "committment" and I often times take things for granted...

I love that you think I ignored Maureen's phone calls (all both of them!) and e-mails (of which I have only three, one of her cancelling an appointment I had with the Rabbi and postponing it, last minute, and the other a response to an e-mail I had sent her regarding specific meeting times and my availability), it's like you pulled this shit out of your ass. straight from your ass. you stuck your hand up your butt hole and ripped this from your innards, bloodied and soiled.. Your inclusion of the e-mails was a nice touch too, especially considering they don't include MY writings to Maureen, and just hers. Well played, Mr. Frazer!

And you are absolutely right about my project being unfinished in February. It most certainly was. Absolutely 100% unfinished in February. Did you know the projects were due March 19th? That's weird.

Humm..what else... oh, "redirecting" my project toward children. Well, yes and no. I didn't REDO my project, it just so happened that while working on it it had taken a direction geared toward youth. Perhaps it had to do with my years of teaching the wee ones or my previously mentioned desire to illustrate books for kids. Either way, the Rabbi really fucked up his notations on that meeting we had! I think all those back problems got to his ears!! I kid, I kid!

Lastly, once again you're right about something. i didn't bring my finished project to the Rabbi until the end of April. Why? Well, because no one had asked me for it prior. There had been no rescheduling for the presentations and no requests to see my project, so i just kept it at home until someone asked for it. And then I brought it in.

Oh - before i forget, you mentioned something about the "inappropriate tenor" used by my Mother in her letter to you, which reminds me, I don't think I ever got a chance to thank you for calling me an irresponsible failure. I really appreciated it. Is that better or worse than a washed up, hypocritical Jerk face of a Lawyer cheating young artists out of hundreds of dollars?? I'm not quite sure, and neither are my two peers from 2006 who also didn't receive their dues.

Well, before I end this letter between friends, I would like to share a short list I've made of things you can do with the money I am owed, but will never receive.

1. stick it in your butt

Uh oh! It's unfinished!

-best wishes,

PS no i don't want to do a presentation for a "small portion" of the money.

Monday, August 20, 2007

My dream job.

I want 987654345678 for all my closest friends!

it's craigslist time!

if i had any comments they are directly on the image. best is saved for last. enjoy!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On Perez Hilton.

gemathy: if he were skinnier
gemathy: went back to the grey hair
gemathy: kept some scruff
gemathy: and wore more muted clothes
gemathy: he'd be more attractive
gemathy: I would like to be his stylist
gemathy: I've been dressing fat people for over 23 years

*i am just now noticing that we have yet to tag anything with "GAY". how the hell is that possible??? this blog is full of GAYness!! i hereby tag this entry as HOMO!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ambassador roommate kirsten meets the academic bowl.

so last year roommate kirsten and i stumbled across what may be our true calling. and no, it wasn't the female of the universe televised broadcast. instead it was the Arizona State University Academic Bowl. she and i came across it one night on campus in a little room with a stage somewhere in the labrynth that is known as the Memorial Union. basically each college at the university has it's own team of four-eight "brains", and they compete in a game show style head to head trivia-fest. with buzzers!! BUZZERS!! I KNOW. the initial step to team placement involves some sort of "written exam" that needs to be taken sometime during the first week of school. omg i love exams (NOT!) but i do love academic bowls! anyway, after watching the college of fine arts lose HORRIBLY to some engineers or science nerds or some other college with promising post-graduate careers (and no lie, between the two of us, we knew all the answers - we could have won that thing!) we said "NEXT YEAR BITCHES. WE WILL BE ON THAT TEAM NEXT YEAR."

and this is that next year.

roommate kirsten is out of town though, out of the country even, and so i just had to make sure she would have time to take the test with me. because i want her on my team! but mostly because i don't know where the office is that we're supposed to take it in, and i'm almost positive that she does.

anyway, to roommate kirsten i wrote:

i dont know if youre checking your email from across the pond but you should be.

we need to take the test for the academic bowl. we have to. that team would be so rad with us on it hahha.

and from roommate kirsten i received:

i am. im in france right now
and i hate it so far. just got here bout 2 hours ago. the french really are stupid jerk faces. ive found one nice one though and he woks at the counter at the hotel. but i did see the thing for the academic bowl and i agree. hows the house? i got you a key chain. its so stupid. ahaha

this test is going to be so great. is this a WFI or what?? here i come, WFI!!! here i come!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

See that annoying fat fuck over there? THAT'S LIFE.

Dear Life,

Why are your people hellbent on taking photos of their very existence? What is wrong with a normal person memory? You remember what you need. Oh, you say they want to document all the entertaining moments you give them? Why then are your people hellbent on posting those awful photos on the internet in very public forums? Lastly, why are all the awful ones of me!?!!!! I finally fully understand the devastating wrath someone feels when they utter, "That's life!" It's your fucking fault.

Eat a dick.

Regretfully yours,

P.S. I refuse to satisfy you by posting the pictures again because, as you well know already, they involve some drunken dance moves, bigface, and a frizzy bad haircut.


it's been a while, since we've seen your smile.



okay to the point, i was originally planning to post something about how it has been a while since i last postd a WFI and that was due to the fact that i never had the opportunity to make poor choices because i really rarely left my parents' house in the week or so since i last wrote. THEN i was going to talk about how it was a pretty horrible idea to sit at home the whole week because it was my last week in tucson and blah blah blah.

BUT! i just got back to tempe to my OWN house, and i decided to go get the mail...

now in this neighborhood we have a community mailbox. like, with keys and junk at the end of the street.

i haven't been back here since like, the end of may. but the following was posted on the mailbox sometime in july. and it basically makes living in this neighborhood a pretty big WFI.

i scanned it for you! sorry it's obnoxious to read, but you know, it's been rained on, sitting on metal in 130° and probably peed on (ack! must was hands!). whatever.

the moral is, south tempe, arizona = the worst fucking idea.

so basically, a few weeks ago when roommate tiffany called me to say she was super duper scared cuz there were cops everywhere, and then i called roommate kirsten to go home to check on roommate tiffany, and then roommate kirsten called me back to tell me THERE WERE GUNS EVERYWHERE, it like, wasn't a joke.


also, i can't believe it's all in english. i'm pretty sure the three of us are the only native english speakers on the block. i'm assuming very few people (if any) "gave feedback". i wonder who is in charge of the neighborhood?

Thursday, August 2, 2007

roommate kirsten has a WFI.

whiite thrash: employees waste on average 2 hours a day at work
kirsten: ahahahahahaahhahahahahaha
kirsten: id say here at megahertz
[where she works (see above)]
kirsten: i waste 4.5 hours
kirsten: i guess i fill my age group well
kirsten: i should be president of our age group
The younger generation is used to multi-tasking and working with a lot of distractions, according to Coleman. When they don't achieve instantaneous results on work-related duties, young employees get bored and turn to other tasks.

kirsten: omg! so fucking true