Monday, July 16, 2007


i have decided to increase my illegal narcotic intake to make up for gem's sobriety. that might be a worst fucking idea in and of itself. but it sounds dreamy.

i cannot take credit for this idea, all the credit goes out to my stoner friend sarah, but i will say that my reaction to it went something like this:

"wtf? that's so dumb. no one is ever going to pay for that. except wait. that sounds kind of good. i would totally pay for one of those. i'd pay for two. do they come in big gulp sizes?"

that reaction was completely non verbal by the way. 100% facial expression. and it also lasted less than one second.

the idea?

water slushies. no flavor. no fruit. just fine ice.

i back it up completely. i even encouraged sarah to purchase a bicycle and a little freezer cart to hook on to the back. she can sell them around campus. COLLEGE DROPOUT MY ASS.

then the next night emily suggested something like, strawberry flavored rum. i told her it exists under the name "cough syrup". and that it's a bad idea.

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