Thursday, May 10, 2007

gemath y: so, I just found out I have $28 dollars.
gemath y: only.
whiite thrash: yeah?
whiite thrash: i just spent 100, and now i have none. cuz the rest is all rent money.
whiite thrash: same boat?
whiite thrash: except i have credit cards.
gemath y: no boat
gemath y: because I have like 812 in rent to save for for june
whiite thrash: oooh
whiite thrash: yeah
gemath y: and 100 for ira, 67 for insurance, 60 for phone, 150 for loan, 200 for gym membership, and 150 for internet
whiite thrash: 2 different boats
gemath y: that I need to pay for this month
gemath y: I need like 2000 dollars
whiite thrash: have a gym membership?
gemath y: right now
gemath y: I know right.
whiite thrash: if i get my 750 i will loan it to you if you want.
gemath y: honestly
gemath y: that would be the worst fucking idea.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

crushing on hombres.

when your friend who is dating the head chef at the restaurant where you work says, "srsly my BF told me Miguél is married with kids, maybe you should stop flirting/touching/texting/calling/hangingout", it's a bad idea to say, "but I asked him and he said he wasn't!" And it's a good idea to listen to her and stop.

WFI of 2007 award: mexican line cooks.

(picture of los cocineros courtesy of my 22nd birthday party.)

(also: don't let my intense graffiti skills lead you into thinking i'm enojada and that i odio the cooks. because i am not and i don't. after my dos días of being pissed, i got over it and we're all amigos.)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

wfi = pretending you're in a relationship.

gemath y: and he said 'well, you know my cat is dying and I've been really upset about that. and that I have to move this month. and you know I might move away right?'
gemath y: 'yes. I know.'
whiite thrash: because of his cat...
gemath y: 'well, I just don't think we can see each other that much anymore and I don't want you to be disappointed.'
gemath y: 'well...that is disappointing...'
gemath y: and that's sort of it
gemath y: and then we decided to walk home
gemath y: and talked
gemath y: and I asked him questions to help him realize that it's silly to think he's moving to california
gemath y: this month
gemath y: when his cat isn't even dead
gemath y: and then it was windy and cold and I wear contacts
gemath y: so my eyes were watering
gemath y: and he was like 'oh are you crying!?!?!'
gemath y: 'no....NO! I'm not...I am not would know if I was crying. I cry like, everyday. and this is not crying'
gemath y: and then he started to cry
whiite thrash: because of his cat...
gemath y: and we sat down on a bench
gemath y: and I said something like 'I'm sorry I can't make you feel better about your cat, but I think it's a good thing and you just have to let yourself be sad about it, spend time with your cat, and make the right decisions for yourself. it's not a big deal'
gemath y: and he was mad that I said it wasn't a big deal
whiite thrash: he is moving away and cant see you
whiite thrash: ...because of his cat...
whiite thrash: is that right?
gemath y: then he walked me to the bus...and didn't say I'll call you or I'll see you or anything
gemath y: he has had his cat for 15 years
whiite thrash: oh
gemath y: he has lived in his apartment for like 10 years
whiite thrash: then thats different.
whiite thrash: i dont get why he cant see you though
gemath y: and he has been friends with his boss and worked there for at least 5 years
whiite thrash: i dont mean to change the subject again
gemath y: so, he has a lot to worry about
whiite thrash: but
whiite thrash: dont producers know
whiite thrash: taye diggs is cursed?
whiite thrash: and he is series death?
gemath y: haha
gemath y: yeah
whiite thrash: dont put him in your spinoff.
whiite thrash: dont.
gemath y: they should know already
whiite thrash: you might as well put jennifer love hewitt AND matt leblanc in it
whiite thrash: he is a good actor though i think. and hot. he just can't be in a series.
whiite thrash: or a movie.
whiite thrash: he could probably do a play.
whiite thrash: or be on the view.
whiite thrash: hahaha.
whiite thrash: but no big roles.
gemath y: haha
gemath y: he could be on the view
gemath y: I love it!!!
gemath y: lj lj lj lj
whiite thrash: its not a joke though.
whiite thrash: i mean it.
whiite thrash: i could see him on the view.
gemath y: are guys on the view?
whiite thrash: no.
gemath y: only girls right?
whiite thrash: no theyre not.
whiite thrash: all hens.
whiite thrash: cluck cluuuuck
gemath y: omg
gemath y: this keeps getting better
gemath y: lj pls
gemath y: y u so funny?
whiite thrash: i'm pmsing hardcore
whiite thrash: im super sad actually.
whiite thrash: i almost drove home to tucson just to sit with my dogs and be happy.
gemath y: I know how you feel
whiite thrash: and i feel like never going back to school and coming to boston and hanging out with you and not dealing with anyone here ever.
whiite thrash: i dont want to hang out with anyone i know right now.
whiite thrash: not erika not kirsten not maryanne
gemath y: aw
gemath y: then don't
whiite thrash: im not
gemath y: eat some ice cream
whiite thrash: i would if i had some
whiite thrash: i have brownies though
whiite thrash: but id rather have a mcflurry again.
whiite thrash: actually i reaaally want chicken wings.
whiite thrash: hahaha.
gemath y: I came home from the break up (where we had dinner) and got two slices of pizza
whiite thrash: i think im having a baby.
gemath y: :-\
whiite thrash: i love that my break up is because
gemath y: I want a mcflurry
whiite thrash: i found out he is married with kidsa.
whiite thrash: and yours is because
whiite thrash: his 15 year old cat is walking death.
gemath y: we don't have mcdonalds open late
gemath y: ha
whiite thrash: ours are all like, 24 hours.
whiite thrash: im posting this whole conversation just so you know
whiite thrash: jsyk
whiite thrash: i almost did
whiite thrash: jsyn
whiite thrash: that would have been soooo silly!
gemath y: I actually think our breakup is because I am incredibly inadequate and barely attractive
gemath y: but I will blame it on the cat.
whiite thrash: that made me
whiite thrash: LOL.
gemath y: good
gemath y: gtik
gemath y: glad that I know

it might kill you.

apparently, pursuing a career in art was my worst fucking idea. according to a loser professor i have. lesson learned? one must not confuse a bad attitude with bad art.


this is a great little video my brother told me to watch. it sorta made me cry. if gem had a heart, it would probably make her cry too.

also a WFI might be a pan of freshly baked brownies, episodes of roseanne, and sweatpants.

correction: that's a best fucking idea.

it's summertime. craigslist letters soon.