Friday, July 20, 2007

roommate kirsten = female of the universe

ever since roommate kirsten changed her myspace profile location to read "lebanon" instead of the more accurate "scottsdale" she has been quite the popular little arab!!!

kirsten: check out this message i got from egypt


Greetings from the land of the Pharos – EGYPT

We will be organizing an International and Very Special Event

Female of the Universe Competition 2008

During the Period of June 17th – 26th, 2008 in

Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt

The Competition will include the participation of (80) Females from different countries

Participation is opened – NOT limited to one from each country

It’s Not a BEAUTY Competition – It’s Not a MODELING Competition

It’s a MIXTURE of both – we need to choose a


For Details:


kirsten: i would like to be female of the universe!
whiitethrash: oh
whiitethrash: its beauty AND modeling.
whiitethrash: not one or the other.
kirsten: ahahaha
whiitethrash: phew.
whiitethrash: you didnt stand a chance before.
whiitethrash: but now
whiitethrash: now you do!
kirsten: i know!
kirsten: what an awesome title
kirsten: female of the universe
whiitethrash: i feel like
kirsten: if i had that
whiitethrash: muslim countries dont have those kinds of competitions.
kirsten: i would put it on everything
kirsten: ahaha
whiitethrash: clearly its a trick
kirsten: i know right
whiitethrash: to get a bunch of women in a room
whiitethrash: and stone them to death.
whiitethrash: WORST FUCKING IDEA.
whiitethrash: DONT DO IT.

if you're interested though, you can get more information here: . and if that URL doesn't seem like a legit corporation, i don't know what does. happy siiiiigh.

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