Wednesday, July 18, 2007

craigslist bff post!

i put that up this morning and somehow, and this makes me feel really insecure even though the post was a total joke (...OR WAS IT?!!! ), i only received two (2! 2 22 2 2 2 2 222 2 222!!!) responses!!!

AND ONE IS FROM A JERSEY GUIDO WHO ISN'T EVEN FROM JERSEY - HE'S FROM SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. and the other one said he's only "reasonably" attractive. which i guess is what i asked for, but come on!!!

i'll post the responses in a couple days, just in case i gather more. i think i'm going to e-mail the second guy back. just so he doesn't feel like a total reject (...or maybe so i don't???!!!!). maybe we will end up getting married??!11!! OMGZ!!

but srsly...

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