Sunday, June 3, 2007

WFI: Packing to move, BFI: Procrastinating.

Dear Whole Foods store in Brighton, MA,

First, I am an adult, I promise. And, while this may seem like whining, I really don't want it to come off that way. What might be unimportant to your staff made a pretty major change in my schedule. And, for that, I pretty much hate you guys.

So, I am moving and need some boxes. Moving can be a pretty stressful thing as I'm sure you know well and I am relying on two days off (one of them being today) to accomplish packing. Last year, you guys were really kind to save some for me. This year, I decided to call you again for boxes to move. Yeah, sure, carrying 7 boxes back to my apartment in oppressive humidity last July was fairly intolerable, but the obtainment of the boxes was so smooth thanks to a larger older fellow, I decided to try again. Plus, the weather this weekend is so much cooler. So, I called ahead last night to see if there were boxes available and after an odd and confusing exchange at the front desk where a woman told me there would be no boxes available because they are all immediately compacted and there wouldn't be any until the next day however there won't actually be any tomorrow (Sunday), I was thankfully transferred to grocery. There, a young guy told me there WERE boxes and I asked if he could stick a post-it note on them to save them for me when I pick them up at 10 am in the morning. He said that was totally unnecessary, no one would touch them and to call in the morning. So, I did. And another young guy this morning says no, there are no boxes saved and no boxes available and to call back at 1pm.

Well, that was 9:30am and I planned to start packing after picking the boxes up at 10am. This really puts a huge delay in my whole schedule. Not just my packing schedule, but my LIFE schedule. I feel like I did everything I could possibly do to make sure I would have boxes and your store lacks a proper system to assist customers with their amateur recycling endeavors. This wasn't a last minute dash at all. I called ahead! Twice! And not one, but two people lied to me. Hell, maybe even more. At this point, the process of collecting these boxes was so botched and laden with misinformation, I can't figure out where it all when wrong.

So, I know this isn't a big deal in the grocery world, but, in Meghan world, it was a really annoying inconvenience and a major setback to moving forward in my life; pun intended. If your staff was more organized, informed, and possibly more friendly (read: not imbecilic liars), I don't think this would have happened today. After reviewing your Core Values, I'd say this issue is violating at least 4 of them. Above all, this interaction with your staff lacked integrity and respect. If your stores are charging so much for groceries, you should probably train your staff in basic customer service. And, also, stop hiring liars.

Most sincerely,

I fucking hate moving.

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