Tuesday, June 26, 2007

shipping is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

gemath y: living in jamaica spain means I can get any flavor goya soda I want any time I want
whiitethrash: i need to go buy the new kelly clarksonnn
gemath y: yeah
gemath y: I think it might be the first record I buy
gemath y: just on principle
whiitethrash: i didnt buy the paramore cd cuz i was holding out for kelly.
whiitethrash: i think im just gunna amazon it cuz i dont wanna go to the store.
whiitethrash: but rather, would prefer to have it shipped to me.
whiitethrash: and its only 9.99
gemath y: you are so lazy
whiitethrash: no i just dont live near a record store
whiitethrash: i aint in the cityyyy
gemath y: how far could the closest one be
whiitethrash: plus i have zerooo gas
whiitethrash: 5 miles
whiitethrash: hahaha
whiitethrash: but its a best buy
whiitethrash: and i dont wanna go inside
gemath y: are you serious
gemath y: you are so so lazy
whiitethrash: YES.
whiitethrash: i dont have any gas!
whiitethrash: shut up.
gemath y: get gas?
whiitethrash: i dont have any money.
whiitethrash: duh.
gemath y: you'll have to get gas at some point?
whiitethrash: i need what gas i do have to go pick up a check and take it to the bank.


whiitethrash: i need to spend
whiitethrash: $3
whiitethrash: to get my shipping for free on amazon
whiitethrash: what do i get!!!
gemath y: sasha
gemath y: isn't gas like $3 a gallon?
whiitethrash: 3.06
gemath y: ...
whiitethrash: dude
whiitethrash: i just dont want to put pants on
whiitethrash: okay?
whiitethrash: OKAY?
whiitethrash: I SAID IT.
gemath y: you can get your shipping free if you go out?
whiitethrash: god damn it
gemath y: put a skirt on then
gemath y: lazy brat
whiitethrash: i dont own a skirt
gemath y: hahaa
gemath y: really?
whiitethrash: i have that one i wore to the wedding
whiitethrash: its in phx
whiitethrash: and it wont go well with my chicago bulls tshirt
whiitethrash: im ready from the waste up
whiitethrash: makeup
whiitethrash: perfume
whiitethrash: hair
whiitethrash: earrings
whiitethrash: shirt
whiitethrash: im just in sweatpants.
gemath y: put pants on.
gemath y: go in sweatpants!
whiitethrash: no!
gemath y: shipping is freeeeee
whiitethrash: hahaha
whiitethrash: <3333333 free
gemath y: don't spend more money!
gemath y: sunchips are maybe the only delicious chip in the world
whiitethrash: haha

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