Monday, June 4, 2007

Things I Think About When I Am Sitting On The Couch (And By "Sitting" I Mean "Laying Down"):

•Tomorrow I will write my screenplay/mockumentary/musical/children's book.

•I should start to write my biography, entitled, "How to Get Through College in Five Years Without Doing too Much", but Meghan isn't online, so I'll do that tomorrow.

•Maybe I should apply for a job that isn't listed on Craigslist...but there's not enough time today, so I will do that tomorrow.

•I should wash my hair...but I have no plans for today, so I will do it tomorrow, because I might actually leave the house tomorrow, and then I'll have fresh hair.

•I need to get all the dust off the ceiling fan cuz i think it's affecting my allergies. (there is no set time frame)

•I sure could use a daily serving of vegetables. Maybe I can put V8 in my vodka? I will buy some tomorrow.

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