Thursday, May 10, 2007

gemath y: so, I just found out I have $28 dollars.
gemath y: only.
whiite thrash: yeah?
whiite thrash: i just spent 100, and now i have none. cuz the rest is all rent money.
whiite thrash: same boat?
whiite thrash: except i have credit cards.
gemath y: no boat
gemath y: because I have like 812 in rent to save for for june
whiite thrash: oooh
whiite thrash: yeah
gemath y: and 100 for ira, 67 for insurance, 60 for phone, 150 for loan, 200 for gym membership, and 150 for internet
whiite thrash: 2 different boats
gemath y: that I need to pay for this month
gemath y: I need like 2000 dollars
whiite thrash: have a gym membership?
gemath y: right now
gemath y: I know right.
whiite thrash: if i get my 750 i will loan it to you if you want.
gemath y: honestly
gemath y: that would be the worst fucking idea.

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