Sunday, May 6, 2007

crushing on hombres.

when your friend who is dating the head chef at the restaurant where you work says, "srsly my BF told me Miguél is married with kids, maybe you should stop flirting/touching/texting/calling/hangingout", it's a bad idea to say, "but I asked him and he said he wasn't!" And it's a good idea to listen to her and stop.

WFI of 2007 award: mexican line cooks.

(picture of los cocineros courtesy of my 22nd birthday party.)

(also: don't let my intense graffiti skills lead you into thinking i'm enojada and that i odio the cooks. because i am not and i don't. after my dos días of being pissed, i got over it and we're all amigos.)

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