Sunday, August 12, 2007

it's been a while, since we've seen your smile.



okay to the point, i was originally planning to post something about how it has been a while since i last postd a WFI and that was due to the fact that i never had the opportunity to make poor choices because i really rarely left my parents' house in the week or so since i last wrote. THEN i was going to talk about how it was a pretty horrible idea to sit at home the whole week because it was my last week in tucson and blah blah blah.

BUT! i just got back to tempe to my OWN house, and i decided to go get the mail...

now in this neighborhood we have a community mailbox. like, with keys and junk at the end of the street.

i haven't been back here since like, the end of may. but the following was posted on the mailbox sometime in july. and it basically makes living in this neighborhood a pretty big WFI.

i scanned it for you! sorry it's obnoxious to read, but you know, it's been rained on, sitting on metal in 130° and probably peed on (ack! must was hands!). whatever.

the moral is, south tempe, arizona = the worst fucking idea.

so basically, a few weeks ago when roommate tiffany called me to say she was super duper scared cuz there were cops everywhere, and then i called roommate kirsten to go home to check on roommate tiffany, and then roommate kirsten called me back to tell me THERE WERE GUNS EVERYWHERE, it like, wasn't a joke.


also, i can't believe it's all in english. i'm pretty sure the three of us are the only native english speakers on the block. i'm assuming very few people (if any) "gave feedback". i wonder who is in charge of the neighborhood?

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