Monday, April 27, 2009

Things I Believed In Middle School; or Things I Found To Be Untrue

1. When I was about 13 I was fairly certain world peace would be achieved when Shania Twain released her follow up to "Come On Over".

"Up" was released in November of 2002. Yeah. I wasn't right about this one.

2. In middle school I was fairly sure that Drew Barrymore would never turn 30. Not that she would like, die or anything. I just thought she'd be in her 20s forever. I really wanted this to be true 30 is just so...old? I just couldn't even fathom her as a 30 year old.

Drew is now 34 years old. Woops. Also, now that I'm 24, I no longer fear the 30s for other people, because I am far too busy fearing them for myself.

3. Bea Arthur is invincible.

As we all found out this week, this is sadly, not true. RIP Bea. dorothy4eva.

Just because you're dead, doesn't mean you're not funny.

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