Wednesday, March 11, 2009

RE: Gem's previous entry

well, obviously, changing the color scheme of the blog was apparently a WFI, as my one time partner in crime has now quit the blog!

i feel like a rejected spouse. i was only changing the blog colors so i could GET A LITTLE ATTENTION AROUND HERE. yeesh. i just wanted a little, "leave it alone, i'll fix it! i'll make it pretty!" but noooooo. i get an "i quit".

fewer syllables i guess.

i also got laid off and spent every last penny i had (both literally, as in, in the bank, and figuratively, as in, credit cards!) on getting everything i need to screen print from home. we'll see how that goes, as i fall further and further into debt. and thus, i shall become proof that finances and depression are directly related.

edited only 22 minutes later to add:

(i knew she'd be back...)

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