Thursday, October 25, 2007

Please Don't Hate

I'm committed to you, blog. I am. Of course you would never know it seeing as how I rarely post now, and when I do, it isn't even a bad idea, it's usually a good idea, or sometimes it isn't even an idea at all, but a conversation that only I would find funny, and therefor, is a complete waste of your time, yet I try to disguise it as some sort of "idea" (good or bad) so i have an excuse to post it for my own enjoyment. AKA the post below...

But I am here. I am. And I want to post. I do. I have bad ideas, I swear. For example, yesterday I traded a joint for two slices of pizza in front of the art building. Just like that! No secrecy, just open, visible exchanges followed by a rewarding and satisfying lunch. No, seriously. That wasn't smart, was it? Not to mention, the only way I was able to afford any pot at all was by trading found oxycontin tablets (read: my dad's expired prescription medication that he left in his car which I am currently borrowing) to a guy I met off the internet during the summer who carries a gun and has a bad habit of inviting me to go "skiing" which is apparently slang for SNORTING COCAINE ("I don't have the proper attire for skiing, nor can I afford it, sorry!" ugh! Embarrassing!). More. Bad. Ideas. !!!!!


I still have no job and I owe my credit card about $3,400. Doesn't sound like too much when I compare it to friends of mine who owe somewhere in the $15,000 range - but those kids paid for cars! or school! or plastic surgery! I just spent it all on sunglasses, drinks at the bar when I should have been at the studio, sandwiches and CDRs!! DAMMIT!!!!!! I do have some legitimate vet bills in there and responsible cab fares home that were upwards of $60 because I LIVE SO FUCKING FAR AWAY FROM ANYTHING. Those are okay though I think, but that doesn't make me owe any less money. And now this weekend I am having a kegger and I have barely a dollar to my name (which will surely be spent on a Snickers bar by the end of the day). WORST PARTY EVER is all I have to say about that.

So to our two readers: Hang in there, this dry spell shall pass, and I'll be doing horrible things once again.

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